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Sister Donna Wilhelm Honored with Franciscan Peacemaker Award

The Annual Franciscan Federation Conference was held this year in Buffalo, New York, June 11-14. Five Sisters of our community, Francis Therese Woznicki, Judith Wood, Donna Wilhelm, Sandy LoPorto, and Dorothy Pagosa (pictured above, left to right), participated in the program, the focus of which was "Franciscans and Muslims: Lessons from the Past & Prospects for the Future."

Kathy Warren OSF and Michael Calabria, both scholars of Franciscan-Muslim relations, provided the historical background for the meeting between Francis and Sultan Al-Kamil, and suggested contemporary implications of this event for Franciscans today. There was also a panel discussion that included a young Muslim woman who attends St. Bonaventure University and a Muslim Professor from Niagara University. Their reflections served to foster deeper reflection and further questions from the participants.

Of course, the highlight of the week was the presentation of the Franciscan Peacemaker Awards. This year, Sister Donna Wilhelm (pictured at left, on the right, with Sister Francis Therese Woznicki) was our recipient of this award. It was very fitting that she received this award for her continuing interest and work in interfaith dialogue, particularly in Christian-Muslim relations. Sister Donna is a past Executive Director of Inter-Act, a former program of interfaith dialogue and outreach in the Cleveland area. She continues to foster interfaith learning and dialogue, both within our community and beyond. Congratulations Donna!


Sister Donna speaks with another Franciscan at the Celebratory Dinner


Sister Sandy LoPorto reads the words on the plaque describing Sister Donna's gifts to our congregation.

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