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My Treasure Chest

By: Sister Roselle Lesinski, SSJ-TOSF

I'm looking, searching for 82 years-
It's like a puzzle-
One piece here, one piece there.
The pieces look the same-just don't fit.
My eyes get tired, looking-
For that "Treasure Chest" image.
I keep on trying, with God's strength.
With Faith, Hope, and Love I delve-
Into "the mystery of it all".
I know of a young man call John-
From a group of eleven more young men-
Who search for the "Treasure Chest".
In about 3 years they found "It".
John really drew closest to the "Treasure Chest".
He even laid on "It".
The "Treasure Chest", "Sacred Heart of Jesus"!
"Fountain of Divine Mercy"!
Oh, how I'd like to do this-
Maybe you had a moment like this.
On Jesus' chest to rest.
When you're peaceful, restful, joyful-
May your Jesus, your "Treasure Chest"-
Be with you as you live His life-
Doing the Father's will-
When at "Communion" I rest-
On my "Treasure Chest"!

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