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The Importance of Keys in Our Lives

By: Sister Anthony Leno, SSJ-TOSF

Jesus, there are many keys in our lives, namely: the house key, the car key, the garage key, the skeleton key, the keys that we find in music, the answer keys that we find in puzzles, the hotel key, the bike and motorcycle keys, the safety box key, the alarm key, the casket key, and many more.

But, to me the most important keys are our prayers, which are the keys to the hearts of Jesus and Mary; our helpers who help us face what life still has in store.

Another key which we need each day, is the key to the Tabernacle door, before which we come to offer our praise and petitions and to tell you, dear Jesus, that daily we love you more and more.

Thank you for the gift of the Holy Eucharist, which fills our souls with joy and peace.

May the whole world seek it, and may respect and devotion to the Eucharist never, never cease.

The other keys are important too. But none of them, Jesus are as important as you.

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