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Sisters' Publications

A Multiplication of Loaves

By: Sister Leandra Chraca, SSJ-TOSF, posted in her loving memory.

"As I sit quietly, pondering the question: Where do I find my God?, I close my eyes and imagine myself in His heavenly presence. No, better still, He and I in our kitchenette. I look at Him and find myself saying out loud:

"I find You, my God, in the creations of my hands – in the breads and bakery. I, too, am creator, co-creator with You, and can multiply the loaves and can feed the hungry.

"I find You, my God, in my sharing with others, be it the food I work with or my joy that I may bring them.

"I find You, my God, in those who come to me and share with me their pleasantries and their encouraging words.

"I find You, my God, in myself and in my strivings to be as Mary who did things for others in all humility. She, too, was a woman who worked with her hands, following the ideas that came forth from her mind and heart.

"I find You, my God, in the quiet of my prayer – wherein I am once more strengthened and go on in love."

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